Trucker Diablo come out swinging

trucker_diablo_2015With 2016 in the rearview the Trucker boys are ready to rock 2017. It’s just gone February and the band have secured touring dates with UK Rock Legends Thunder in March. In addition Trucker will be making appearances on the festival circuit.

First up will be the Amplified festival featuring the likes of Puddle of Mudd and Diamond Head, followed swiftly by the mighty Rambling Man festival, which features a host of huge names such as ZZ Top, Extreme, Saxon and a load of up and coming acts. At the end of the year the boys will be hitting Wales for the Annual Rock N’ Roll Circus Charity show.

Back at Trucker HQ the boys are in the final stages of their album pledge campaign, almost 90% funded at The new album “Fighting For Everything” promises to be an all out riff monster with a meaty slab of melody, delivered in true Trucker fashion.

Over the coming months there will be some more live annoncements and a surprise announcement so watch the skies for that..