• Hellfest 2014
  • Interviews & Features
    Bloodstock 2015 Preview : Interview with Martyr de Mona
    Once again Bloodstock Open Air is a hotbed of new talent. The New Blood stage is always one of TeamCB's favourites and this year will be no exception. We had a ...Read More
    Bloodstock 2015 Preview : Interview with Alunah
    Bloodstock is just three weeks away. We can almost taste it. We're looking forward to it like you wouldn't believe... and so is Soph from Alunah: Well let’s ...Read More
    Bloodstock Festival 2015 : Rob's Top Picks
    There are loads of things I love about Bloodstock Festival. I like the relative small scale of the site; you can pop back to your tent when you need to without ...Read More
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  • Live Reviews
    Nidingr Live at Hellfest
    After an upbeat start to Hellfest 2015's Sunday festivities, it was time for something from a different dimension. It’s never too early for a spot of darkne...Read More
    Weedeater Live at Hellfest
    Perfect for the early evening Valley stage, Weedeater are another band who we expected good things of, but in the end actually received great ones. From the...Read More
    Hellfest Open Air 2015 Sunday Review
    Team CB are up bright and early (honest, we were !!) to make sure we caught up with Richmond, Virginia's crossover thrash mob Iron Reagan. Given the musical DNA...Read More
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  • Latest picture galleries
    Ne Obliviscaris Live at Hellfest
    Right, how do you follow Off!'s punk rock at Hellfest then?? Something with a violin perhaps? Good job that Ne Obliviscaris are in the house (well tent actu...Read More
    Off! Live at Hellfest
    Hand on heart, Off! weren't a band that we knew a great deal about before Hellfest, but after a few minutes in the company of the off-the-wall US punk rocke...Read More
    Hawk Eyes Live at Hellfest
    Hawk Eyes have been on tour with Slash, Foo Fighters and have been doing the European Sonisphere shows. Continuing their high-flying tour, they are opening ...Read More
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