• Interviews & Features
    Interview with Ruud Jolie from Within Temptation
    Led onto the fanciest tour bus we here at CackBlabbath.com have ever seen, we were given the chance to interview Ruud Jolie, guitarist from Within Temptation, o...Read More
    Soulfly : Interview with Max Cavalera
    Soulfly's main man, Max Cavalera, took some time out to chat to CackBlabbath.com whilst on their recent UK tour. He took us through the many projects he has und...Read More
    Huntress interview with Jill Janus
    Just before Huntress took to the stage at Glasgow's 02 Academy, we had the pleasure of talking to the beautiful and very sweet Jill Janus, vocalist for the ...Read More
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  • Live Reviews
    The Wildhearts Live at Nottingham Rock City
    One way of getting people through the doors early on a gig night is to put the headliner on first. Well, one part of the headline act anyway… Ginger Wildhear...Read More
    Von Hertzen Brothers Live at Nottingham Rock City
    Sandwiched between the two Ginger Wildheart led bands on the latest Wildhearts tour were The Von Hertzen Brothers. These guys are some of Finland’s hottest...Read More
    Deaf Havana : Live at Clapham Grand, London
    Life is all about connections. For musicians, making a connection  where, through music, you can share pain,  joy, happiness,  anger, must be one of the key rea...Read More
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  • The latest releases reviewed
      Ginger Wildheart
      Jackson Firebird
      Cock Rockin’
      The Xmas Show Live 2013
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    • Soundbites : Reviewed in 100 words
        The Drip
        A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics
        The Leviathan
        In Darkness It Crawls
        The Self Titled
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